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Here is a chronological overview of my sculptures

Female - Mergel, 2005 
First sculpture created in 2005 from a scrap piece of "mergel"
sandstone, received at the Arttour Maastricht in '05. 
Height ca. 15cm width 5cm.
Created without scetch from back to front, this is why the head 
is cutoff - no material left. Sculpture unprotected.
Dolphin - Soapstone, 2005
Dolphin, created for my daughter. 
Earlier version in Sandstone broke in 2.
This is a "touch and feel" sculpture, the tail broke off, but was
glued back on. Soapstone, pink unpolished in the picture. 
Polish applied later for gloss and better colour effects. 
10cm, 2005

Three - Mergel, 2005
Scetched and designed on request of my wife. 
Family of three in Sandstone (mergel). 
Created in 2005, second sculpture ever. 
Unfinished sandstone, ca 30x20x10cm  - 5kg.

Cross - Soapstone, 2005
Crucifix in Soapstone, created on request for a friend, 
Unfinished background in contrast with the polished figure. 
During the work, the Stone split at the bottom 
creating the cutoff at the feet.  I liked the result 
and continued in the "cutoff" arms to mirror the effect. 
Created in 2005, ca 20x30 cm 5 kg.
Sold to Seattle, WA - USA
Hitting Bull, Soapstone on Belgian Hardstone, 2006 
Sculpture "Hitting Bull" - 
Trophy for Spanish golf tournament 2006,
The "driver" head is made from Soapstone - Brazillian Mallè, 
mounted on a "Tee" milled from stainless steel, 
on a custom made Pedestal of polished Belgian Hardstone 
with a unfinished rough broken top to simulate terrain. 
As option a golfball can be mounted on a spring steel mounting 
in front of the head, to simulate a ball in flight that was just hit away. 
There are more pictures in the "Tutorial" section of my website - in the "Studio" main area of the website, 
a step by step documentation of the creation.

                                              Anja Zwei (Two), 
Belgian Hardstone, Sept 2006.
Wedding present for my Sister, 
Belgian Hardstone 15cm x 45cm x 6cm.
Inspired by African Abstract Art. 
Cat, Soapstone, March 2006
Sculpture "Cat" - Gift for my mothers 60th birthday,
Soapstone approximately 5kg. 
30cm high, 10cm wide and 20cm deep.
You can watch the creation in a step by step documentation
of the Sculpture in the Studio - Tutorial section of my website
with explanations.

Female Torso, Brazilian Serpentijn, Jan 2007. 
Please see more pictures and the full documentation 
of the creation in the Tutorials section - Step by Step section 
in Studio part of my website, including explanations.

Ballerina - Sitting - Contemplating, 
Mergel - Dutch sandstone, April 2007.  
Please see more pictures and the full documentation
of the creation in the Tutorials section - Step by Step section 
in the Studio part of my website including explanations.

Heart Laura, Soapstone, Aug 2007
Gift for babtism Laura. 

Converging Roads, Brass/Steel, August 2008
Converging Roads, Wedding gift 2008, 
Brass plates bent, fixed on a steel pin, 
anchored in Belgian Hardstone.
Brass bands symbolizing roads 
originating from different places, meeting, diverging 
and converging again to continue on togheter.

Both scupltures connected by a copper ring 
symbolizing the wedding bands. 
Pink Ribbon - Soapstone 2009 
Pink Ribbon - symbol for the Breast Cancer Foundation - Jan 2009.
Gift to support a very couragous friend, who fought Breast Cancer. 
Very successfull so far... hoping it stays away...
As the inscription says: "find the cure"...

Baby - Soapstone 2009 
Baby - Soapstone April 2009, 
Gift for a friend that just had her second baby.
Congratulations Ralf, Inge, Vera and Sebastian.

On the Edge - Belgian Hardstone 2009
Outdoor sculpture - 70 cm tall, 80kg.
2 sides polished in a shape inspired by the stone 
resulting in a stone knife effect. Third side partial bodyscape 
of a woman from shoulder to upper leg. 

Layers - protoype 2010

Prototype for bigger sculpture out of marble, mounted on 
belgian hardstone.  
constructed from marble tiles , fitted and held together
by steel thread, covered by steel tube and welded together.

Submerged 2010

Female bodyscape 
(landscape but then bodyparts :-)
Granite plates glued together and ground to the final shape. 
Mounted on granite plate to simulate water 
(half submerged body). The hardness of the stone 
was the biggest challenge - resulting in broken tooling 
and multiple repair actions on the sculture.
Lips  2010
Lips , Belgian Hardstone.about 20cm tall, stone about 13 kilo.
Mounted on a steel bar on top of a sockle of Belgian hardstone - unpolished. 
In the final sculpture a piece of barb wire hightens the contrast of the soft luscious lips against the cold spiked wire.
A friend called the piece "provocative", and suggested to change the title to "shut the f... up"... :-) 

Male Torso  2010 

Male Torso , Belgian Hardstone.
about 40cm tall, stone about 30 kilo.
Started sculpting without sketches - just "saw" the head in the raw stone and went from there.
Interesting excercise, however much easier with softer stone - 
where you can be inspired by the stone and then work quickly from there. 
I had a "beautifull" right arm that i spent a lot of time on , and then it broke off ...
So I guess I know now why some of the classic sculptures have no arms :-)
Garden Female Nude Bodyscape  2013 
FemaleTorso , Belgian Hardstone.about 40cm tall, stone about 25 kilo.The intention was to create a kneeling female nude sculpture. 
During the process of creating the sculpture , i decided to create a bigger 
figure , that left me with too little material to complete the front of 
the figure. So this turned into a bodyscape of a partial figurine.  
Bons Open Golf Trophy Sept 2013 
Abstract Sculture - Golf tournament Trophy , Granite, about 20cm tall, stone about 5 kilo.
My intention was to create a stylized Golfer after Drive. 
Part of the swing (arms together over the shoulder) is still recognizable. 
Along the way , the Granite proved so hard, that it was impossible with my tools to work out the detail that i first had in mind.
So i changed mid stride into a more abstract figure and implemented the Golf ball next to the figure as 
Link to the first place in a Golf tournament.
Total time 2.5 days. Material - 10kg Granite block, 1 golf ball , Metal rod, 3 diamond cutting discs !!!, 
a diamond grinder, about 20 sheets of sandpaper from 80-1200. A pneumatic sander, A pneumatic chisle, 
and lots of elbow grease :-)
Enjoy. - please see the Tutorial section for a step by step documentation for your amusement and my reminder of the work ... :-)