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Friday, May 28, 2010

Exhibition Haaltert 1

The first Day -
Installation of the Artwork at "Mussenzele" Bed and Breakfast - about 15km from Brussels (Belgium). Exited about the opportunity I brought 10 sculptures to the exhibition.
Instead of stands, specific for the artwork I bought some tables to position the artwork. 
The brilliant Garden is now the home to 10 of my artworks and those of a Smith. 
With my two metal sculptures as bridge it forms a very nice set.
I can only invite and advise everybody to come to Haaltert and feast your eyes.
Lots of brilliant pieces in many locations. I'm honored to be part of this exhibition.

Some impressions from the installation:

Some works by the colleagues:

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Exposition Haaltert Belgium

The Second "Art route" 
organized by the cultural council of Haaltert (Belgium) will take place 
29/30 may 2010 from 14:00-18:00 hrs (CET) and 
5/6 June 2010 from 14:00-18:00 hrs (CET).

Various Artists are displaying their works in 11 different locations.

I will have my work on display at the Bed and Breakfast:
B&B Mussenzele
Mussenzele 1
Haaltert (B)

Please find location on google maps HERE !

There is a bike tour of about 20km leading you along all locations.
you can also get a brochure listing all participating artists as well as pictures of their work.

Please come and visit me - I will be present all 4 day's and there to answer questions.

Thank you.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Making of... Male Torso

Hello Everybody.
Finally found time to also update the "making of..."  for the sculpture "Male Torso".

This Sculture was created in a weekend. The stone is Belgian Hardstone. (Hardness between Marble and Granite.) Height about 40cm, weight 25/30kg.
I "saw" the head in the top of the stone and created the rest of the body from there.

Setup - raw stone on the Sculpting tripod.
instead of a leather sculpting cushion, i have a pair of old jeans, with cutoff legs. The legs are filled with sand and do a great job at cushioning the blows from the tools and chisel.
Low tech :-)...

On the third picuture , you see the "foot" I cut a flat plateau into the stone to have a stable  foot to stand the scupture on.
Test - Stone rests stable, and I can begin the scupting from this point on...
Starting with the head, cuting away on the top part of the stone.
Advanced details of the Head. I need this size of the head, to determine the proportions of the rest of the sculpture, since I didn't prepare measurements or a sketch. Everything is created "on the fly".
A day later- continued with the back and the body, starting from the neck down.
you can see my pneumatic hammer (red) on the right hand picture)
Continued with Lower Back and shoulders and started the arm (right arm)
More details - front shoulder part, as well as chest . I had to remove a lot of material to be able to work on the chest.
On the previous picture you can also see that the right arm, that i spent at least an hour working on, - broke off, as soon as I started working on the chest.(hit the stone the wrong way).
left picture below, you can see how much material I had to remove, right hand side - detail on chest and broken arm and face.

Finally I could start sanding the Sculpture down.
Using 4 different Grid levels of Sandpaper , i dry sanded, then used water to grind down the stone and finally used Polishing wax to shine the stone.
Final picture of "sunny side" of the sculpture :-)


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Male Torso May 2010

So after the previous "debacle" I decided to work on full material again.
And since i had some belgian harstone around - i created the figure of a male torso , 
half emerging from the  rough stone...
Enjoy - I hope you like it - and please  comment :-)
Male Torso , Belgian Hardstone.
about 40cm tall, stone about 30 kilo.
Started sculpting without sketches - just "saw" the head in the raw stone and went from there.
Interesting excercise, however much easier with softer stone - 
where you can be inspired by the stone and then work quickly from there. 
I had a "beautifull" right arm that i spent a lot of time on , and then it broke off ... 
So I guess I know now why some of the classic sculptures have no arms :-)

2nd failed attempt at the sculpture "Layers"

I tried again to re-create the sculture "layers"
1) One broke in a storm (toppled over) , 
2) one started, but the plates broke on drilling the fastening holes and 
3) after I changed the design from horizontal to angled layers, 

I started the construction of the layers
I started the sculpture,
when, the third attempt got trown off as, half way into the sculpture the marble split and cracked again.
 Details of the middle layer of stone cracked by drilling the holes to fasten the stabilization bars and from vibration chipping away with a chisel.

I gave up at that point and started another sculpture from a solid block, without the risk of plates breaking...

more to follow
I did have a nice day in the sunshine with dustclouds around my head though :-)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Update - Making of ... Lips

Placed the Sculpture on a stand - no accidents this time...
The plate that I mounted the sculpture on , was about 10 Kilo's on it's own.
Not very easy to move anymore :-)

Note the enclosure in the stone - a honeycomb - ancient pre-historic bee's ?
Still need to create the "edge" ... more to come

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Making of... Lips

First set of pictures of the sculpture “lips” – still work in progress. Belgian Hardstone 40x30 cm 15 kg.       
The initial Stone: (Belgian Hardstone or Bluestone)

First Markings and taking material away to shape the lips
(and yes... those are wooden shoes - very practical because if a stone drops on your foot - it's not crushed ;-) ...)
More shaping
With the rain, I had to move under a tarp and continued with the rough and rugged work
I am using an old Jeans filled with Sand as a Sculpting cushion to keep the stone in place and dampen the impact.
Skipped a few hours… Lips are taking form and I used a hose to wash away the dust and grime to get an idea where I have to improve.
More shaping.
Closeup angle – to see the relief.
Tooth chisel to work in details between the lips.
Started Sanding and grinding with the power grinder.
More depth center of the lips.
Wet polish and smoothing out with sandpaper
Keeping the stone wet I polish with sandpaper from grid 80 down to 1600 in about 10 steps.
This takes about 3 hrs.
After the finest grid paper, I heated the stone with a flame, and fine polished with Marbol and Wax to shine up the stone.
Don’t like the way the upper lip turned out – will have to be reworked.
Further mounting and a surprise is still missing… keep tuned in J