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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Making of... Male Torso

Hello Everybody.
Finally found time to also update the "making of..."  for the sculpture "Male Torso".

This Sculture was created in a weekend. The stone is Belgian Hardstone. (Hardness between Marble and Granite.) Height about 40cm, weight 25/30kg.
I "saw" the head in the top of the stone and created the rest of the body from there.

Setup - raw stone on the Sculpting tripod.
instead of a leather sculpting cushion, i have a pair of old jeans, with cutoff legs. The legs are filled with sand and do a great job at cushioning the blows from the tools and chisel.
Low tech :-)...

On the third picuture , you see the "foot" I cut a flat plateau into the stone to have a stable  foot to stand the scupture on.
Test - Stone rests stable, and I can begin the scupting from this point on...
Starting with the head, cuting away on the top part of the stone.
Advanced details of the Head. I need this size of the head, to determine the proportions of the rest of the sculpture, since I didn't prepare measurements or a sketch. Everything is created "on the fly".
A day later- continued with the back and the body, starting from the neck down.
you can see my pneumatic hammer (red) on the right hand picture)
Continued with Lower Back and shoulders and started the arm (right arm)
More details - front shoulder part, as well as chest . I had to remove a lot of material to be able to work on the chest.
On the previous picture you can also see that the right arm, that i spent at least an hour working on, - broke off, as soon as I started working on the chest.(hit the stone the wrong way).
left picture below, you can see how much material I had to remove, right hand side - detail on chest and broken arm and face.

Finally I could start sanding the Sculpture down.
Using 4 different Grid levels of Sandpaper , i dry sanded, then used water to grind down the stone and finally used Polishing wax to shine the stone.
Final picture of "sunny side" of the sculpture :-)


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