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Sunday, May 16, 2010

2nd failed attempt at the sculpture "Layers"

I tried again to re-create the sculture "layers"
1) One broke in a storm (toppled over) , 
2) one started, but the plates broke on drilling the fastening holes and 
3) after I changed the design from horizontal to angled layers, 

I started the construction of the layers
I started the sculpture,
when, the third attempt got trown off as, half way into the sculpture the marble split and cracked again.
 Details of the middle layer of stone cracked by drilling the holes to fasten the stabilization bars and from vibration chipping away with a chisel.

I gave up at that point and started another sculpture from a solid block, without the risk of plates breaking...

more to follow
I did have a nice day in the sunshine with dustclouds around my head though :-)

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