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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Male Torso May 2010

So after the previous "debacle" I decided to work on full material again.
And since i had some belgian harstone around - i created the figure of a male torso , 
half emerging from the  rough stone...
Enjoy - I hope you like it - and please  comment :-)
Male Torso , Belgian Hardstone.
about 40cm tall, stone about 30 kilo.
Started sculpting without sketches - just "saw" the head in the raw stone and went from there.
Interesting excercise, however much easier with softer stone - 
where you can be inspired by the stone and then work quickly from there. 
I had a "beautifull" right arm that i spent a lot of time on , and then it broke off ... 
So I guess I know now why some of the classic sculptures have no arms :-)

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