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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Making of... Lips

First set of pictures of the sculpture “lips” – still work in progress. Belgian Hardstone 40x30 cm 15 kg.       
The initial Stone: (Belgian Hardstone or Bluestone)

First Markings and taking material away to shape the lips
(and yes... those are wooden shoes - very practical because if a stone drops on your foot - it's not crushed ;-) ...)
More shaping
With the rain, I had to move under a tarp and continued with the rough and rugged work
I am using an old Jeans filled with Sand as a Sculpting cushion to keep the stone in place and dampen the impact.
Skipped a few hours… Lips are taking form and I used a hose to wash away the dust and grime to get an idea where I have to improve.
More shaping.
Closeup angle – to see the relief.
Tooth chisel to work in details between the lips.
Started Sanding and grinding with the power grinder.
More depth center of the lips.
Wet polish and smoothing out with sandpaper
Keeping the stone wet I polish with sandpaper from grid 80 down to 1600 in about 10 steps.
This takes about 3 hrs.
After the finest grid paper, I heated the stone with a flame, and fine polished with Marbol and Wax to shine up the stone.
Don’t like the way the upper lip turned out – will have to be reworked.
Further mounting and a surprise is still missing… keep tuned in J

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